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Vip hack for Gunz

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1 Vip hack for Gunz on Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:58 am

add me on ym..neohaziq@yahoo.com
toggle hotkeys
alt+a - autoquest
alt+g - godmode
alt+l - lawnmower
alt+f - flipmower
alt+m - insane massives
alt+s - spawnmower

shift - aimbot
arrow keys - teleporting
home - save current position
end - respawn at saved position
insert - create character with the name specified in char.txt in your gunz directory
delete - spam contents of peerchat.txt in your gunz directory

directx stuff
F9 - toggle windowed mode
numpad1 - Wallhack
numpad2 - Wireframe
numpad3 - Full brightness
numpad4 - Fog disabled(might be usefull for maps like stairway)
numpad5 - Glass walls(see through walls)

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